THE UNQUIET GRAVE: Whispers In The Wind


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C40. high-bias tape. Cassette box encrusted with earth, twigs, grass, leaves and other detritus of nature. Each one is unique. Numbered edition. Custom envelope and 1″ button. Limited to 40 copies. ($7 plus regional shipping)


Releases: HALLOWEEN 2014 pre-orders ship immediately

Dark, lyrical doom-folk from the gothic desolation of rural Canada.

Wraithlike and enveloped in the dusk-dance solemnities of macabrely attuned spirit-surges, Whispers In The Wind is the last breath of manna before a trans-dimensional freefall through the nine circles of drone-buzz psychedelia. These epitaphs of contralto contortion slowly linger along the fine divide between ’80s gothcore and the post-neurosis of aphotic avant-garde ambience, suturing the two realms to the ashen trance of an extrasensory cannonade.” ~ Weird Canada

CALL IT: Doom folk, ambient goth, southern gothic from the rural north, hymns of spiritual angst.
SONIC COUSIN TO: M. Gira’s solo albums, Boduf Songs, a harsher lo-fi Black Walls.

Two new Moonwood Videos


“Trans Lunar Express 1″ from Trans Lunar Express

“Graffiti Blossoms” from the upcoming album The Strength of the Pack is the Wolf and the Strength of the Wolf is the Pack


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