Espvall/Jakobsons/Szelag: Improvisations for Strings and Electronics


Track #2: Fissure

CD. 5 tracks / 43:13 mins. Multi-layered handmade transparent outer-sleeve, lino-block printed envelope. Limited edition of 100.

Sold Out!

On the aptly titled Improvisations for Strings and Electronics, Marielle Jakobsons and Agnes Szelag (Myrmyr) team up with cellist Helena Espvall (of Espers) on a series of, you guessed it, improvisations for strings and electronics. Recorded in Oakland, CA, Jakobsons and Szelag created graphic scores for the occasion.

A little while ago Agnes asked me which bands I’d compare this album to. I couldn’t think of a single one. Not even the more classically oriented works of someone like Godspeed! You Black Emperor really come close.

What did immediately leap to mind were the string quartets of contemporary composers Gloria Coates, Morton FeldmanPer Nørgård, and Henryk Górecki. As well, some of the more challenging, discordant and visceral works of Arvo Pärt bear a similarity to the sinuous, winding melodies and stunning tonal landscape created here.

Ethereal and rapturous beauty tempered with sinister, creeping danger looming ominously in the shadows.

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Espvall/Jakobsons/Szelag sneak peek


Here’s a preview of the music and sneak peek at the deluxe artwork for the Espvall/Jakobsons/Szelag CD we’re very excited to be releasing on Valentine’s Day.

Improvisations for Strings and Electronics is a spellbinding collaboration between Agnes Szelag and Marielle Jakobsons of the experimental duo Myrmyr and Helena Espvall of Espers.

Track #2: Fissure

Deluxe limited edition. Multi-layed handmade transparent outer-sleeve, lino-block printed envelope. Stay tuned!

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