REVEREND MOON: Coyote Gospels Cassette + Book

REVEREND MOON: Coyote Gospels // C44 + 20 page hymn book, etc // $13 (plus shipping)
Limited to 25 copies. High-bias C44 cassette tape. 20 page 5×8 perfect-bound lyric book. 1-inch “coyote pyramid” insignia pin and 3x illustrated lyric cards in linen bag. 1 full colour fold-out poster of cougars riding on the backs of bears (which is awesome). 

Also available as Digital Download ($5) or Cassette + DL ($7  plus shipping).

Release date: August 11, 2014 (tip to the wise: pre-orders are getting shipped immediately)



The REVEREND MOON is Jakob Rehlinger of Toronto-based psychedelic space-rock band Moonwood as well as founder of the Arachnidiscs Recordings label. Over the past 20 years the good Reverend has laboured steadily at Coyote Gospels, an album of 13 testaments of ersatz-praise and upside-down faith. The song cycle was born in the manger of university poetry workshops beginning in 1994. It grew into an awkward adolescence at the dawn of the millennium when Rehlinger suffered a nervous breakdown and was paid for his trouble in what he called several “dark prophecies” in the form of visions. These hallucinatory cosmic messages from beyond are recounted in the songs “A Message for You”, “Black Sun Rising” and “Old Graves” — wherein animals reclaim the Earth from humans. Since 2007 Rehlinger has been polishing these heretical-hymns and pseudo-psalms over several demo versions before setting out to record them in earnest beginning on the Easter weekend of 2012.

FILE UNDER: Satanic verses, southern gothic, alt-folk, bluegrass, junk-blues, gospel
SIMILAR(ish?) ARTISTS: Jon Spencer, Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash (on helium).

5 Responses to REVEREND MOON: Coyote Gospels Cassette + Book

  1. Martin Whittle says:

    I am a DJ with a radio show in Manchester UK,every Thursday. Its on Salford City Radio. The Reverend Moon album will be my album of the week next Thursday! It reminds me of Johnny Dowds’ early work. I wish you all the very best with your endeavours!

    • arachnidiscs says:

      Yeah! Johnny Dowd. When I was trying to think of “sounds like” artists I knew there was an obvious one I was missing. He was it. Thanks for the air play props. It means a lot!

      • Martin Whittle says:

        There’s also a country Nick Cave album anallergy! I normally only play 3 tracks from the album of the week but I think I will have to increase that this week!

      • Martin Whittle says:

        By The Way that’s the first time I’ve heard Johnny Dowd referred to
        as ‘Obvious’!

      • arachnidiscs says:

        Well, obvious to me. I was listening to him a lot during one version of the demos for the album. Around 2005.

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