2019 resolution: stop posting releases here


Long story short, I’m going to stop posting each release Arachnidiscs Recordings puts out. Why? This website/blog/wordpress was only ever meant to be a cheap (as in free) stand-in for a flashier, more professional webstore. This was back in the days before Bandcamp existed and provided you a free (almost) webstore architecture. Since if you click “purchase” on a post here, it just takes you to our Bandcamp anyways, these posts have become superfluous (especially since our analytics tell us not many of you are getting there from here anymore). Instead this website will be used for posting videos and interviews.
That said, since the last release update here, there’s been a few excellent CD and cassette releases which you will see stacked vertically in Bandcamp players below for your listening and, if you’re so moved, purchasing pleasure.


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