BABEL: Thirteen Exquisite Corpses

Release date: Oct 31, 2019
Styles: Atmospheric post-rock, meditative, dark new age, ecstatic ambient, drone, neo-classical, free improvisation, gothic film music
Similar vibes: Black Tape For A Blue Girl; Dead Can Dance; Trial of the Bow; Stephen Micus; RAIC; The Last Temptation of Christ OST.

Thirteen Exquisite Corpses is the 200th and final release on Arachnidiscs Recordings, coming 20 years after the label’s first release. A collaborative work of 13 “improvised compositions” split into two suites. It was recorded under the ensemble name BABEL by bandleader and Arachnidiscs head, Jakob Rehlinger. Thirteen Exquisite Corpses was recorded using a modified version of the “exquisite corpse” collaborative technique usually employed in visual art or writing where each collaborator is only aware of the tail end of the previous collaborator’s contribution. In this case each of the 8 collaborators improvised to a series of minimal synthesizer drones provided by Rehlinger, unaware of each others’ addition, which Rehlinger then edited into cohesive works. The album is presented as a 2CD edition in a 24 page hardback book. 

Jakob Rehlinger
Matthew Fava
Kayla Milmine
Brodie West
Eiyn Sof
Andrew MacGregor
Roan Bateman
M. Mucci
Dominic Marion   

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