NoLove2014NO LOVE is an cassette label imprint of ARACHNIDISCS RECORDINGS dedicated to slightly less unusual indie sounds than we normally trade in. It’s goal is to harken back to the late-80s / early-90s when you’d find local bands’ demo tapes at your local indie shop along side cassettes from SST and Merge bands. So, basically, it harkens back to 2015 only now it’s Burger Records and not Merge. For the LOVE of indie rock tapes!

Everything Is Geometry: 2015

C38 pro-duped high-bias cassette. Red hardshell box. Edition of 30.

Purchase here: $5.oo (plus regional shipping) 

CALL IT: Indie rock, mid-fi, long-distance recordings, shoegazing riot grrrls and quiet boys
SONIC COUSIN TO: Slumberland records bands in a literal blender, Superchunk, The Swirlies, Joanna Gruesome, Velocity Girl, Guided By Voices.

“…the EP is like an explosion…From then on, Holiday and Vosper make a hell of a lot of noise…positively pyrotechnic thanks to a slew of yelled phrases toward the end…if everything is geometry this year, it’s exciting to see what 2016 will bring.” ~ Gray Owl Point



C40 pro-duped, high bias cassette. Electric blue cassette box. Xerox’d lyric sheet.

A lo-fi memoir of The Urbane Decay’s listening habits during 1987-1993 — the glory days of “college rock” when the underground was still alternative and alternative was still underground.

PURCHASE HERE: $5 (+regional shipping)

RAINBOARD: The Midnight Slide

C42. High-bias cassette. White shells. Edition of 30.

The Midnight Slide is a corker set of ’90s alt inspired noisy shoegaze and space-rock, fuzzily psychedelic with no waves to be found. Not entirely a throw-back to the pre-grunge post-punk era of youths who were sonic or dinosaurs who were junior, it’s current to the noise-rock scene. It has the seasoned, mature sound of alt-rock veterans and the visceral edge of upstart indie-punks.

PURCHASE HERE: $7 (+ regional shipping)

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