Cassette: Neue Übertragungen von einer Totenwelt


TRANZMIT‘s second cassette of Übertragungen audio collages. Contains elements of recent digitally released EPs, chopped and screwed, stretched and chewed. Broken beats, erratic static. Ghost voices speak to you through these ‘New Transmissions from a Dead World‘.

Releases January 14,  2015 (TRANZMIT will be tranzmitting live at The Central in Toronto that evening)

Listen/purchase ($7.00 plus regional shipping) at the Bandcamp link below.


Or listen to the continuous “mixtape” version at Soundcloud (a download of which comes as a “secret” bonus track with the cassette).

The Ice Cubist cometh… again


free holiday music

Black Friday 2 White ChristmasThe Ice Cubist‘s holiday jam for 2011.

Since 11 minutes of icy shopping mall ambiance probably isn’t quite enough to chill you out after braving the mad rush of the sales, we’ve made all eight The Ice Cubist electro-holiday albums released between 2001-2011 available in two download bundles (results may vary):

  • Vol. 1 2001-2005 (Hinterlands; Winter Holiday; To: Username, From: The Ice Cubist; White Rain)
  • Vol. 2 2008-2011 (Wintermärchenland ist unser Vermächtnis; Winterfaith; Winter Holday 2010; Black Friday 2 White Christmas)



We’ve embarked upon a little experiment in providing free downloads of our out-of-print titles. It’s the Free Albums Download Page. Click the above banner or the link to the right to get to it.

Along with OOP titles from the Arachnidiscs catalogue, some new and/or unreleased albums will be posted here. Perhaps alternate versions of the SPLIT CASSETTE SERIES we’re going to be embarking on soon (exciting).

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