The Ice Cubist cometh… again


free holiday music

Black Friday 2 White ChristmasThe Ice Cubist‘s holiday jam for 2011.

Since 11 minutes of icy shopping mall ambiance probably isn’t quite enough to chill you out after braving the mad rush of the sales, we’ve made all eight The Ice Cubist electro-holiday albums released between 2001-2011 available in two download bundles (results may vary):

  • Vol. 1 2001-2005 (Hinterlands; Winter Holiday; To: Username, From: The Ice Cubist; White Rain)
  • Vol. 2 2008-2011 (Wintermärchenland ist unser Vermächtnis; Winterfaith; Winter Holday 2010; Black Friday 2 White Christmas)

BABEL : Limbus / Morpheum


Separate physical versions available here:

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