Espvall/Jakobsons/Szelag sneak peek


Here’s a preview of the music and sneak peek at the deluxe artwork for the Espvall/Jakobsons/Szelag CD we’re very excited to be releasing on Valentine’s Day.

Improvisations for Strings and Electronics is a spellbinding collaboration between Agnes Szelag and Marielle Jakobsons of the experimental duo Myrmyr and Helena Espvall of Espers.

Track #2: Fissure

Deluxe limited edition. Multi-layed handmade transparent outer-sleeve, lino-block printed envelope. Stay tuned!

Moonwood – River Ghosts (Vinyl, Ltd/Dlx)


$11.25 CAD + Shipping (North America $1o / World $17). Edition of 200 blue vinyl w/download.

 Airmail Can/Expedited USA /Mexico

 AIRMAIL Europe / Overseas

Note: For slower “GROUND MAIL” shipping to Europe/Overseas, please use “North America” for correct price.

We’re pleased to announce our first vinyl release is from resident psyche-folker, Moonwood. Subtitled Music For Water Borne Disease, the album’s 10 instrumental tracks wind like a river through far eastern modes and southwestern reverb. Multi-instrumentalist Jakob Rehlinger layers bowed strings, Romanian lap harp and gourd flute over fuzzy psyche-guitar and ethnic percussion, bells and gongs.

Includes free digital download via Moonwood’s Bandcamp site.

“Earlybird” edition: The first 60 copies include a hand-printed, signed and numbered lino-block print by Jakob.

Ecconomically priced digital version available at Moonwood’s Bandcamp site.

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