Another favourable Moonwood review


This one from the awesome Weird Canada in their New Canadiana section.

“Meditative ritual-waves emanate freely from this ethnic-laced excursion into the disparate recesses of freeform sonic consciousness. The aggregation of psychic minds centered around Jakob Rehlinger coagulate and form Moonwood, which includes Weird Canada favorite Andrew MacGregor amongst a plethora of freaks from the North American underground. Droning psychedelic guitars, piercing bursts of free-jazz angularity, and elastic harmonies resonate within a tomb of religious reverb, committing grande sins against our modern digitalis. The trip lasts 70 minutes and is available in a limited edition of 25 lino block printed and hand-stamped discs. GRIPPED.”

Moonwood reviewed @ Terrascope


Coal Aberrations got an exceptionally splendid review in Terrascope‘s November Rumblings.

Moonwood (not to be mistaken with Moonweed – he who used to tickle synths for Gong and who currently does the honours with Hawkwind) is an extended project of one Jakob Rehlinger aka Babel. “Coal Aberrations”  (Arachnidiscs Recordings) features an international group of musicians on instruments ranging form rudimentary percussion through to cello and all manner of gizmos in between, The result is a heady and highly effective mixture of brooding, ambient minimalism, incantations, dirge and avant-drone music underpinned by a loose acid folk template. The improvised results are a simple yet powerful, not to mention wholly satisfying, collection of post-psychedelic and experimental pieces – 17 of them in fact over almost 70 transcendent and uplifting minutes and where the song titles are almost as evocative as the music (“The First Good Hangover of Spring”, “Desert Dusk Cactus Cult”, “I Rarely Leave This Apartment”). This is truly esoteric music for the mind and body and carries a definite seal of approval.”

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