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Pre-orders for the debut cassette from mysterious Canadian electro-funk shockers SEMEN PRIEST are now being taken through the just launched ARACHNIDISCS RECORDINGS Bandcamp site.

Pre-orders come with immediate download of three tracks and a link to the full album will be emailed the moment it’s officially released on August 6th, 2013. Of course, the tape will be shipped on or before the 6th. Pre-orders come with special packaging.

Listen to the pre-release tracks, Another Bad Day and two mixes of Taste The Beastbelow.

Or watch the video for Another Bad Day.

Upcoming Releases Summer/Fall 2013


2013 has been pretty quiet for us so far but when it rains, it pours. Summer and fall are looking stormy for us. Here’s a brief list of the releases we’re currently prepping.

AD091 – SEMEN PRIEST – s/t – Cassette

Psychedelic industrial funk pop.

AD092 – A SACRED CLOUD – ENSOLEILLÉ, 1972 – Cassette

In conjunction with Jeunesse Cosmique LP release. Analogue soundscapes, musique concrete collages, severe art drones.

AD093 – PARTLI CLOUDI – Two Moron Ever Nose – CD

New solo album by Summer Amp (and fOLKwASTE Library) dude. A deep folkloric journey into the library of the transcendental mind. Spoken word collages, tribal percussions, primal psychedelia.

AD094 – Ѫΰϯᶓԃ Ʀѧϊѣѻὦ – Intuitions – CD

Michelle Proksell resides in Beijing and loves/lives China as a dream machine of animated .gif images, weird montages and awesome t-shirts. Deaf improvisation based on colors and hues, blue(s) gospels in unknown languages, seas of shimmering drones, electro-acoustic processing and outdated acid folk. Classical without class, psychedelic without psyche, songwriting without writing. “Intuitions” is the result of sparse improvisational sessions conjured in Shanghai bedrooms and living rooms during 2012. Hours worth of recordings were trimmed, mixed and mastered with poetic freedom at Zulmàt studio in Rome, Italy. 


Split tape series sides 17 & 18. Two sides of essential Skullflower-esque doom-gaze guitar improvisations.

AD096 – ROSS BAKER / BABEL – Cassette

Split tape series sides 19 & 20. A combined hour’s worth of ambient VCR jams from two sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Sound collage dudes abide.

Mad/Mod “Tinnitus” promo video

[vimeo 70487948]

Mad/Mod : “Neurinomes” Second Edition



78 mins // Pro CD-R, thermal print // Sticker-sealed fold-out sleeve// Numbered edition of 25


We’re very excited to announce the 2nd run of Mad/Mod‘s debut album Neurinomes. This numbered edition of 25 copies differs from the sold out first edition in that the cover image is indigo instead of magenta and a typo in the liner notes has been corrected. The track listing and audio content remains identical.


Neurinomes (a type of nerve tumor that can affect the inner ear) is the haunting debut by the duo of Montreal-based reed player Marc-Antoine Dagenais (Mad) and guitarist Dominic Marion (Mod).

Shimmering drones and angular melody lines dance and collapse against hazy ambiance and fractured glass surfaces; ecstatic meditations give way to deep noir melancholy and fiery avant expressionism.

The album revolves around improvisation, rewriting of improvised sounds, resonant mappings, organic acousmatic, combination tones; a process one may call recomposition, using recordings of spontaneous interactions as draft mapping, free to be reinvestigated and refined. All timbers were produced solely by miking acoustic sources. With the exception of a wine glass slowed down to a low drone, these soundscapes remain faithful to original acoustic production.

The duo has developed  their own vocabulary through research of improvised music based on harmonic specters, thoroughly experimenting in the fields of peculiar textures and frictions that their instruments can provide. Marion often, but not always, treats his guitar signal through a certain range of effects, working a specter of textures, going from delicate jazzy chords to screaming organ like sounds. Blending with those amplified sounds, Dagenais uses different extended techniques (trumpet sounds, multiphonics, screams, circular breathing and others) on the saxophone and flutes as well as different parts of the instruments to produce unusual soundscapes.

File under: Chamber music, post-rock, free-jazz, late-20th century minimalism, soundscape, ambient expressionism, drone, harmonic resonance


neur2 front

Mysterious SEMEN PRIEST Demo Submission



Most of our demo submissions come via email. As a rule these submission are pretty vague, usually containing no more than “I have some music I’d like to release on your label” and link to a Soundcloud. A lot of these just end up in the trash folder since I’m not much interested putting out music by people who don’t even bother to introduce themselves.

This didn’t prepare me, however, for a physical submission we received in the mail a few months ago from a band or artist who appeared to be called Semen Priest. I wasn’t sure if it was a joke or a legitimate submission and, either way, if it was something more sinister.

Click to embiggen.

Perhaps it’s best to start with a complete inventory of the padded mailer:

  1. A crushed, desiccated rose.
  2. An unmarked CD-R in a (protective) Zip-lock baggie.
  3. A condom which APPEARED TO CONTAIN BLOOD.
  4. And a computer-printed letter (in Comic Sans, no less) which read, “You should do our tape. xoxo Semen Priest. PS- We know where you live.”

Well, that last line was disconcerting. Then I noticed the mailing label was addressed to me personally so I decided this was clearly a friend who’s having me on. I chose to ignore the voice in my head that was telling me: Your name is well documented online as being the guy who runs Arachnidiscs, it’d be reasonable to put your name on the envelope and assume you live there.

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