FORAGER: Sorrow and joy… cassette


FORAGER: Sorrow and joy throng the gate, weal and woe in the same land
Format: C30 Cassette
Styles: Drone, improv, experimental guitar, new age, American primitive
RIYL: Loren Mazzacane Connors, Six Organs Of Admittance’s early work, Tom Carter, Barn Owl, M.Mucci

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Calgary Alberta’s Forager is guitar composition, improvisation, and experimentation by Ian MacLean and occasional collaborators. Sorrow and joy throng the gate, weal and woe in the same land is a solo recording with no overdubs.

The album represents a journey into a sacred temple. There are four gates, each with different challenges or gatekeepers. The seeker circles the temple until finding a way in. In the seeker’s mind the gates and challenges are sequential. Once inside the temple and its inner sanctum, the seeker can see that the four gates are indivisible from the whole structure, and all have equal importance, not just the gate that was used to enter the temple (and anyway, the fourth gate seems suspiciously similar to the first…would things be different for another seeker, approaching the gates differently? Or would entrance only ever be allowed once all gates have been visited?). The resulting knowledge hopefully causes one to dance between gates, trials, without worry. The drawing [a source of inspiration for the recordings] is a section of larger drawing and sequence by Masaharu Takasaki and Eiji Takasu from Japan Architect 53 Feb 1978, 14. It is titled “Confusion” or “Plan”, with no further explanation as to the utility or building. To me, it looks like a temple with four gates, surrounding a courtyard and inner sanctum.

~ Ian MacLean

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